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IKF East Coast Classic Tournament

Oct. 10th and 11th  2014



Call (843)773-1005 (Credit Card Orders)

Dillon Wellness and Sports Complex

2647 Commerce Drive




Date: October 11th

Times: Doors Open at 8:30 AM

Tournament Fights: Approx. 9:30 AM – 6:PM

IKF Point Kickboxing Tournament (PKB) Starts at 6:30 PM




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 IKF East Coast Muay Thai Kickboxing Classic…Now Two Days!

Drops Third Day to assist with travel and cost to competitors, Friday, Oct. 10th and Saturday, Oct. 11th 2014


AK Promotions President Johnny Davis announced today that the 2nd annual IKF East Coast Classic scheduled for Oct. 10th, 11th and 12th in Dillon, SC will now only be two days! Registration day will still be on Friday, Oct. 10th and Elimination and Championships will be on Sat. Oct. 11th.   After careful consideration of all aspects of the event, Davis noted       “last year we had about 15 fights a day and each day was done like an individual show with music and fighter walkouts.  The fans loved it!  However, we finished early each day and had a lot of down time.  This year, fighters and fans can get back on road the same day or at least early Sunday morning and with school and job obligations, this can only be a good thing. It is our mission to give fighters a nice and safe platform to compete, while giving fight fans a great show, I feel this move will do both!” Additionally though, if registration goes beyond expectations, we can always add another Ring to expedite the event.


Looking at the pace of registration, this year will be similar participation as last year, which will make an exciting event but can be done in two day as oppose to three days.  Fighters will register on Friday starting at noon and should be prepared to fight their elimination early on Saturday morning and their championship bout on Saturday afternoon/evening.


Fighting twice on the first day and once or twice in some cases on the next day is actually the design of these tournaments but is normally only needed when the brackets have 5 or more people in them.  Of course in large tournaments like the IKF World Classic etc. as well as  professional organizations like Glory and K1, competitors may fight up to three or more times on one event which is an awesome task. As always, full safety gear and the upmost care will be available for fighters including Doctors and ALS Transport unit etc.  However, if a doctor feels that one is not able to compete in a second bout, the appropriate decision will be made and injured fighter will pulled from the event.


Additionally, having the elimination and finals on the same day will also give a full day of travel time on Sunday.  It will allow fight fans to know that they are only giving up one day as oppose to giving up their entire weekend and not knowing what day their fighter will be up which could complicate travel plans.  Moreover, dropping the 3rd day of the event will also save some on rooms nights needed at the hotel, additional food etc.  It just seems like a win, win for everyone.


Now, dropping the third day will also limit how many fighters can sign up in a division which will be a maximum of 4!  However, we are open to creating a new division if needed for additional fighters but they will have to register by this Friday, Sept. 12…but again, that’s only if there are more than 4 people in a division and others sign up for the newly created division.  Otherwise, the extra fighter will have to move to another available division, be an alternate for the division in case one of the fighters are injured, fight in the IKF PKB tournament or refunded if they desire.


 Fighters should be reminded that they can register all the way up to Oct. 6th     for the IKF ECC Full Contact Event (Absolute Final Deadline) but that depends on availability for divisions and their willingness to pay the late registration fee.


Friday – Registration and weigh in will start at 11:AM – (Scales will be available at 10:AM to test your weight)

Saturday- Fighters to Dressing Rooms at 8:AM-8:45 AM

Elimination and Finals starts at- 9:15 AM – Open and Novice Divisions

IKF Point Kickboxing Fight Night- Approx Start Time is 6:30- ( Note: you can register for the IKF PKB Semi Contact Tournament up till 3:PM on Sat. Oct. 11th)


In the coming years as we continue to grow the tournament, we look forward to having many more competitors and levels of competition that those around the globe will want to attend.  However in the mean time, we hope that our decision is helpful to those that plan to attend the tournament this year.  Again, it’s our goal to provide you with a great event and we will do all we can to make this year’s IKF East Coast Classic Muay Thai Kickboxing tournament a positive and memorable experience!  Register today! and .  Make your hotel reservations today!




Reminder, all fighters living outside of 45 miles from venue must stay at Host Hotel The Red Roof Inn 810 Radford Blvd. Dillon, SC 29536 to get the discounted entry fee…must call in for your reservation (843)774-4137. $79 per night…mention IKF East Coast Classic Kickboxing Tournament.


More info. contact Johnny Davis (843)773-1005



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