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Johnny Davis- President 

Johnny Davis' Accomplishments 1980 - 

  • Kickboxing Titles
    • 1985 - PKA World Welterweight Champion.
    • 1987 - FFKA World Kick Boxing Champion.
    • 1987 - ISKA United States Champion.
  • 1980-1985
    • Opened "Superfoot" Davis School of Karate.
    • South Eastern Welterweight Champion.
    • North Carolina Light Middle Weight Champion.
    • East Coast Welterweight Champion.
    • North Carolina Welterweight Champion.
    • 1984 - Grand Champion - Battle of Atlanta- Georgia ( Largest Karate Tournament on the East Coast).
    • 6th Degree Black Belt in Karate.
    • Won over 250 medals, trophies and awards in competition...
  • Civic Awards:
    • 1984 - Outstanding Young Men Of America Award.
    • 1985 - "Key to the City", Dillon South Carolina (Presented by Mayor).
    • 1985 - South Carolina State Citation ( Presented in House of Representative by State Representative James Lockemy)
    • 1988 - Presidential Award ( Presented by Dillon, SC. Chamber of Commerce)
  • Additional
  • 1981- 1989: Traveled throughout North America and Europe for Kickboxing.
  • 1993: Created "Kick Box-A-Robics Program" Copyright 1993.
  • 1996: Co-Founded "KO Kickboxing" to Promote IKF Triple F Kickboxing Events.
  • 1996: President of IKF Semi Contact - Point Kickboxing© for semi contact sport competition.
  • 1997: Appointed to IKF Certified Seminar Instructors List.
  • 1997: Appointed to IKF Officials Board as an IKF Certified Official.
  • 1998: Appointed as one of the IKF World Representatives.
  • 1998: Created "Champions Training Tips" on 
  • 1999: Appointed to IKF TV Production Commentary Team.
  • 2000: Created The Johnny Davis "Walk-A-Bout Fitness Program" Copyright 2000.
  • 2000: Assisted with IKF Promotions & Marketing.
  • 2001: Winner Of The IKF Hall Of Fame PRESTIGE AWARD
  • 2001: Authored  The Johnny Davis Kickboxing Manual - The Art Of Kickboxing.
  • 2002: Founded "Art of Kickboxing (AK) Promotions" Company.
  • 2003 - July: Produced and released the Johnny Davis Kickboxing Training Video.
  • 2003- May- Featured in Black Belt Magazine (five page spread)
  • 2003- Met with 2008 Official Olympic Committee in Beijing China regarding Kickboxing (see below)
  • 2004 Executive Producer of  Triple "F" Kickboxing TV Show
  • 2002-2006-License and Bonded Promoter For Kickboxing in the State of California
  • 2002-Present-  Freelance Writer- Articles and Essays
  • 2002-Present - Motivation Speaker - Moti-Fit© Presenter
  • 2009- Present - Owner Rocklin Kickboxing and Boxing Club
  • 2009- Licensed/ Bonded Amateur Promoter for the State of CA
  • 2011- Co-Promoted with IKF First IKF West Coast Kickboxing Classic in California (180 fighters registered)
  • 2013- Opened Super Foot Kickboxing and Fitness Club in South Carolina


Johnny Davis of AK Promotions Interview

For those of you who've met Johnny Davis you find out after a few moments of talking with him that he is passionate about the sport of Kickboxing. What's even more obvious is his ability to explain and teach Kickboxing in a way that's unique to the sport. Johnny is no doubt a natural born trainer and strives daily to encourage participation as well as increase the visibility of the sport. Davis who had an extensive career in the martial arts winning many Point Karate tournaments and two world championships in Kickboxing was highly recognize in the mid 80's for several memorable fights on ESPN. However, for about ten years he disappeared from the martial arts scene.

In the past several years Davis' name has made a resurgence in the Kickboxing community due to his work with the IKF. Although, he retired in 1988, he never stopped working with the martial arts. In 1995, he began writing his autobiographical Kickboxing training manual. In 1996, he and former World Champ Sam Montgomery promoted a few IKF Sanctioned Kickboxing fights under the name K. O. Kickboxing in the California Bay Area. It was at that time that he met IKF President Steve Fossum and began his association with the IKF.

Davis strategy for promoting the IKF is by participating in functions like the recent Health and Fitness Fair in the Sacramento area. He had several local IKF champions demonstrate to the thousands of people in attendance. He also set up IKF information booths at the annual DragonFest Martial Arts Extravaganza held in Glendale, CA and other martial arts related events. From special events to sending Press Releases, Davis is attempting to put IKF Kickboxing at the top of the heap of contact sports around the world.

In  (2002), Johnny released his Kickboxing training manual titled the Art of Kickboxing and started his Art of Kickboxing (A. K.)Promotions company to further promote, teach and grow the sport of Kickboxing. He jump started the year with his Kickboxing video series. Additionally, he was featured in Black Belt Magazine's May edition (2002) Ringside Inc.who sold his products in their Ringside catalog. There is no doubt that Johnny Davis is back in the game and has big plans to take the sport of Kickboxing to the next level!

We thought we would find out more about Johnny and his relationship to the IKF. Therefore, we sat down with him for a few minutes to find out what makes him tick.

  • IKF: Johnny, what encouraged you to start in the martial arts and how long have you been practicing?
    • JD: "Bruce Lee movies! I fell in love with Bruce Lee flicks around the age of eleven or twelve and since that time have never stopped striving to be the best I could be just as Bruce was the best at what he did. I've been in the martial arts for about 28 years."
  • IKF: Do you have your own gym?
    • JD: "While living in South Carolina in the early and mid 80's, I ran a gym for about ten years. Since moving to California, I have chosen not to do so. However, I've recently started teaching again for the City of Rocklin, CA, which is where I live and it seems to be going in the right direction."
  • IKF: Who and what style are you teaching?
    • JD: "I've designed a special program to teach the sport of Kickboxing in a way that's very different. I stick very close to the discipline, respect and even the Kia's in my Kickboxing program that is common in most Karate programs. I teach children, men and women and they all seem to love it! I truly believe Kickboxing will be bigger than basic Karate one day because of its simplicity and effectiveness!"
  • IKF: Do you train those who want to fight as well?
    • JD: "Some. I'm very selective about who I work with because I'm very busy! If I think its worth it, I will take the time but they have to be disciplined and prepared to work hard because I'm not a nice guy in the gym!"
  • IKF: We understand that you were working with IKF Middleweight Champ Dave Marinoble?
    • JD: "Well to be honest, I've worked with Dave for many years off and on. Dave and I became friends some years back. I saw Dave's potential early in his career and wanted to take him to the next level of winning a world championship. *We went our separate ways for a while but stayed in touch. Ironically, later, I moved to his area, so we hooked back up to train for some bouts. Dave felt that he probably wouldn't fight much longer, so he wanted to get in as many good fights as possible before retiring and he seem to feel that I could further enhance his skills. I believed in his abilities and he was one I was willing to work with. But, I've worked with other champions too that have a lot of potential. I love to teach, train and promote, these are my passions!"
      • *During that time Marinoble won his IKF world Title.
  • IKF: How do you think people feel about you working with fighters and also so closely with the IKF?
    • JD: "Well, the way I see it is that most officials, referees, judges etc., are also trainers and that's fine as long as they are not judging and officiating their own people. I feel that as long as I'm not making any judgement calls concerning anyone that I work with there should be no problem. My goal is to grow the sport and if I have some marketing and training abilities to assist the growth of the sport, I should use them! Something must be done to bring the big dollars to this sport so that fighters can earn a decent living! Fighters need to have the best training in order to look like professionals and raise their appeal to the potential sponsor and spectators! I feel I can help in this area too!"
  • IKF: What are your feelings about the IKF and how do you rate them compared to other organizations?
    • JD: "That's an easy one. I feel that the IKF is the best thing that Kickboxing has every had! Ever! I say this because of the way its has been built from the ground up for the past several years. Steve Fossum is the most committed person I know and the best suited for leading the organization! He's passionate and only wants the best for the fighters, promoters, trainers and fans of Kickboxing and spends numerous hours assuring that they only get the very best from the IKF!
  • IKF: So, what are your thoughts on other organizations?
    • JD: "Not much! They do what they do and the IKF does what it does! Simple! There is no time to worry about the other side! I wish them well!"
  • IKF: In the past, you managed to get a lot of the press to attend the annual IKF! National event in Davenport Iowa. Do you have any plans or for  future IKF National Tournaments?
    • JD: "My true goals for the Nationals from a marketing stand point is that everyone do their part in their own cities by informing local media that they will be attending the event as well as getting them the results after the event. This helps all of us in the long run and makes the event that much more successful. Fighters should start early with articles about goals of winning this year's championship in August. However, we are beefing up the marketing each year to try and make sure that not only the media is there in good numbers but to have a large number of spectators as well! This will take more effort on our (The IKF's) behalf but the plans are to make it bigger and better than previous years! Kickboxers deserve to have an event like the Nationals. I only wish we had such a thing when I was coming up, the sport would be much farther along."
  • IKF: Tell us about Point Kickboxing. How did you come up with that name?
    • JD: "It was fairly easy because I'd done so much Point Karate fighting (on the East Coast) and of course Full Contact Kickboxing. The names just seemed to merge for me. I know this is a concept that will be huge soon. Once students compete in an event the addiction sticks! Point Kickboxing divisions and tournaments will be as big and common as Point Karate tournaments one day! Just another one of my little predictions!
  • IKF: Johnny, one more question. At age twelve you made a goal to become a world champion, at age twenty two you accomplished that. Now you're in your forties, what are some of your goals today and how would you want to be remembered in the sport of Kickboxing?
    • JD: "Hmmm, that's a mouth full! As I said earlier, I have a passion to teach, train and promote. Ultimately, I would love to become a great promoter of Kickboxing events. I'm also very interested in doing the commentary and announcing for televised events as well because this is an area that I feel we are lacking. There just doesn't seem to be enough professional, knowledgeable and exciting commentary out there to properly educate the general public for the little TV we currently have! So between the commentary, announcing and promotions, being successful at either would be very fulfilling for me! As far as the legacy, I will leave up to the historians! I will say this. I always try to give my very best to this sport and have committed much time, energy and money to assist in taking it to the next level. The Fighters that have learned from my instructions and carry that "Johnny Davis edge" with them in the ring, will be my true legacy. But too, knowing that I have assisted the IKF in its growth is rewarding and hopefully when I'm done and years gone by, those yet unborn will learn that I played a role in building the greatest organization ever for the sport of Kickboxing." "Thanks!"


             Davis with  The 2008 Olympic Committee in Beijing China 2003 (L) and with IKF President Steve Fossum and Mr. Hugh Heftner at Playboy Mansion


The IKF would like to say thanks to Johnny for his passion, desire and commitment to the sport of Kickboxing.