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Deadline Sunday, August 21st – Monday, August 29th - $65



IKF East Coast Classic Kickboxing Tournament


 Myrtle Beach, SC


Sept. 30th (Fri.) and (Sat.) Oct. 1st, 2016









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Crown Reef Hotel- 2913 South Ocean Blvd., Myrtle Beach, SC 29577


·      All Fights on ONE DAY! In One Ring

·      Open and Novice Divisions!

·      Only 4 Fighters per Bracket!

·      Men, Women and Juniors!

·      Register Early and Save!

·      Beautiful Championship Belts and Awards!




IKF East Coast Kickboxing Classic Belt






 1.  Steps to Register, Pay and Compete - Read steps first… Click Here




Please Note: We have had 100+ fighters at this event in the past couple years. This year is looking like it may be the biggest yet! However, please know that this is a one day event and we have a max of fighters that we can receive before closing tournament registration.  Do not delay and register today before your 4 fighters’ bracket is full! Thanks in advance for your support!



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6. General Rules and Equipment Needed for TournamentClick Here



7.  Hotel Information Click Here


NOTICE: You do not have to have your room confirmation # to register.  Go ahead and register for the tournament and get your hotel room by Sept. 16th for best rates. Reserve Your Rooms (843) 626.8077 - (843) 626.8077Click Here



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14. Muay Thai / Kickboxing SEMINAR by Kru Chris Clodfelter Friday Sept. 30thPay Here






REGISTRATION NOW OPEN– Reminder only 4 Fighters per bracket!

Only Enter in a listed Weight Class…some divisions with only one fighter will be closing soon!


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$5 Added for Card Service Fees


Mailing Address:


P.O. Box 1804 Dillon, SC 29536 

Expect delayed processing. Checks and MO payable to Johnny Davis Ent.


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 Call In Credit Card - $5 Service Fee Apply



  Between 9:AM and 10:PM EST


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Seeking Novice and Experienced Promoters - Kickboxing!


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IKF Point Kickboxing Tournaments – Southeast Coast Click Here or Here

Great Full and Semi Contact Action with Great Awards!




We are prepared to have special senior divisions for those over the age of 40!  Although there is not a division set up for you, if you register WITHIN the first deadline, (Before Sept. 5th) we will set a division for you so that others can follow in your weight class and rule style.  This option is open for senior men and women.  You will also have the option of fighting in Novice (under 3 fights) or Open Division (over 3 fights).  If you have had over 3 fights, you will automatically be in Open Division.  However, a novice has a choice of Novice or Open Division. Note: Novice Division wins a large cup and Open Division will win a belt.


HOW TO REGISTER: Fill out the Fighter Registration Form and NOTE –SENIOR on top of Registration Form. 


Those that are over 40 are required to obtain a more detailed physical examSee More Here


IKF East Coast Kickboxing Classic Tournament

All Matches will now be on Saturday, October 1st,

starting at 9:30 AM.  Please make note!


We are pleased to announce the IKF East Coast Kickboxing Classic will be held in beautiful Myrtle Beach, South Carolina at the exciting Crown Reef Hotel this Sept. 30th and October 1st 2016!  As many of you know, Myrtle Beach is a great destination for this event!  Not only will our hotel have tons of amenities, Myrtle Beach offers so much to do in and around the area that making the entire week your family vacation destination is not a bad idea! The event will again only be two days…Friday will be for registration and weigh ins and start of elimination and championship fights Saturday morning.  All fights will now be on Saturday, October 1st…please plan accordingly.  This is going to make for one huge and exciting day!


We will only be doing three rule styles… so train accordingly.  One will be Modified Muay Thai with no elbows for those that want to do more of the Muay Thai style with the clinching, sweeping etc; they will have the opportunity to do so.  The other style will be the popular Unified Rules of Kickboxing that not only organizations like Glory and K1 uses but also the IKF has also adopted. Finally, there will be the International Rule Style that will not allow any clinching or knees but leg kicks are also allowed.


Register in any division from July 22nd to August 15th! See Weight Classes and Divisions


We feel that these three choices will give fighters the diversity they desire.


Thanks in advance for your support and touch bases if you have questions and would love to hear if you plan to bring a team!


In the coming years as we continue to grow the tournament, we look forward to having many more competitors and levels of competition that those around the globe will want to attend.  However in the mean time, we hope that our decision is helpful to those that plan to attend the tournament this year.  Again, it’s our goal to provide you with a great event and we will do all we can to make this year’s IKF East Coast Classic Muay Thai Kickboxing tournament a positive and memorable experience!  Register soon! and .  Make your hotel reservations now!





Note:  There will be a Novice (3 fights or under) Divisions. You have a choice to fight in either Open or Novice if you have three fights or less. Over three fights, you must fight in Open division.

We are encouraging early registration for this event.  We are getting a ton of positive feedback from gyms across the country and abroad.  However, we really need all newcomers to understand this process and that pre-registration by the final deadline is mandatory to enter this tournament.  As in our other tournaments, many try to wait to see who’s in a division…if everyone waits, there will be no division for that weight class available. Thanks for understanding this important process for ordering awards etc.


IKF Point Muay  Thai Kickboxing Tournament

Sat. Oct. 1st, 2016 – 6:30 PM -  Crown Reef Hotel- Myrtle Beach, SC

This event is a separate part of the IKF East Coast Classic and requires additional registration.



More at


Attention Gyms attending the IKF East Coast Classic.  We have something for everyone in your at this grand event.  On Sat. night following the first day of elimination, there will be an exciting IKF Point Muay Thai/ Kickboxing- Semi Contact Tournament for Men, Women and Children.  No Knockouts Allowed in this division!

This is a great form of competition and entertainment for the entire family (5 years and up) can participate.  Registration fee will be $45 in advance.  However, registration will be $55 at the door! Nice trophies and other awards will be given and everyone gets an award.


This division is done on a matted floor. Fights are matched by age, weight and rule styles.  See more at . Divisions for Men, Women, and Children 5 and up and Seniors over 40 years of age can compete.


 Additionally, those that attend the event and lose out in the full contact division on Sat. will have another opportunity to win an award in the Point Kickboxing Divisions.  Its big fun and great action!  Plan this as part of your Sat. night sports entertainment at the IKF East Coast Classic. 

Invite your entire family to come out Saturday for all the great fights but to also come for the IKF Point Kickboxing tournament on Sat. night…Spectators $15 all ages.

More information on IKF Point Muay Thai Kickboxing at or or email


Registration forms will be at the door of the event. Bring your payment confirmation, fill out Entry at event and compete.  Most competitors enter at the door and we have a lot of local talent planning to do the Semi Contact IKF/PKB on Sat. night Oct. 10th at 6:30 PM. So, pay now and save as the door fee is an additional $10.  $45 advance- $55 at the door. Call (843)773-1005- scan and email your information.

Email Registration Form -


More info Here and


Gloves provided by Fighter’s Inc Equipment and Supplies


Seeking qualified officials for IKF East Coast Muay Thai Kickboxing Classic Tournament

Contact us for more information

Click Here or (843)773-1005










The New International Kickboxing Federation (IKF) Southeastern Division Ready for YOU!

Sanctioning and Regulating Events in the following States: VA, NC, SC, GA, FL, TN, AL






IKF Southeast Division USA  -  Click Here  Sanctioning and Regulating sport of Kickboxing




Divisions for Novice and  Open  / Advance Fighters -  Amateurs and Professionals


Hello Everyone,


We are pleased to introduce you to the NEW International Kickboxing Federation Southeastern Division of the United States.  We are looking forward to working with each of you and area Athletic Commissions to sanction and regulate the exciting sport of Kickboxing!  We will also offer our top quality championship belts… all the way up to world championship status for qualified contenders!


State Representatives, Officials, Promoters and Fighters, we are looking for you to join in with us to bring the sport of Kickboxing back strong in our region!   


When it comes to State Representatives, we are only looking for those that are sincerely interested, honest, fair and are willing to put in the necessary time needed to help our sport grow in their state.   Submit Resume – Click Here


The aforementioned positions will not be idol positions where you have a title and not work to make our sport grow.  Those in official positions can expect to be active in their States as we grow events.


Our Officials will be experienced and well trained with a strong understanding of the sport to make the best calls and giving each fighter a fair shake. Submit Resume – Click Here  


Promoters who want to promote their events (full contact or Semi Contact) with us can expect professional and safely run shows that protect the fighters.  Yes, we have guidelines to follow and will adhere to them as again, keeping our athletes as safe as possible is paramount.  So, If you are interested in and, or presently a promoter that would like to be included in our growth, we would love to speak with you. The sooner you get on board in your area, the sooner you can secure your area as long as you are an active promoter. 


Don’t Wait!  We will be diligent in keeping events far enough apart in dates and distance to ensure that everyone has more opportunity for a successful event.  Additionally, as promoters for over 30 years, we will assist as much as possible to make your events successful.  See the link for additional services that will be offered. Sanctioning  - Click Here - Submit Resume – Click Here


Fighters - We will build a database for everyone who fights, and are part of an IKF Southeastern event. There are nominal annual fees to join the IKF SE Division, for example, an annual membership for fighters is only $20 and all of their information will be included in our database and available to others i.e. promoters, matchmakers etc as needed.  Those who Join Now will also receive an IKF SE licensed Fighter or Trainer Certificate and, or Card that will also give discounts throughout the year… See more on our website.  You can also wait until an event and register …it’s up to you! However, if you join now, you can start using your discount as early as or first seminar in June.  More on Joining the IKF Southeast USA.  Join Today - Click Here


Muay Thai / Kickboxing Club Endorsements are also available on the site! Let your customers know that you are recognized by one of the leading organizations in the world for the sport of Kickboxing! Submit Club Information and registrationClick Here


(Note: There are no mandatory fees associated with the June 26th event in Atlanta, GA as that event was already established before this change.  However, you can join the IKF SE at that event if you wish.)


Thanks for reviewing the website and please feel free to give me a call if you have questions and, or ready to come on board! (843)773-1005


Read Article Here  On my New Appointment - Click Here for more on IKF SE Sanctioning -  Upcoming Events -  Click Here



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