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NEW DATE IKF Point Kickboxing Tournament- November 11, 2007- Indian Trail, NC- Contact Mr. Sean Griffin at (704) 488-3908  or by email Click Here!

IKF Point Kickboxing/ Point Muay Thai Tournament- *May 24th, 2008- Santa Clara, CA - Divisions for Men, Women & Juniors Compete in Semi Contact Action...More information Contact Mr. Ray Delgado (707) 643-7778 or Johnny Davis  Click Here!

2008 IKF World Classic Kickboxing Tournament- Four Rule Styles Including IKF Point Kickboxing (semi- contact) Rd. Lengths- 2x2+1 Tie Breaker if needed...Click Here for More!

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Guila Continues to Add Growth to IKF Point Kickboxing 

Through Successful Promotions!

Full Results...Coming Later This Week

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Antioch, CA- October 28, 2007 - This past Saturday, Oct. 27, 2007 IKF/PKB Promoter Dennis Guila of Antioch, CA hosted yet another successful IKF Point Kickboxing Tournament.  An enthusiastic group of men, women and children came from across Northern California to participate in this growing semi contact action-packed event!  Guila stated that  "I'm pleased with the event and plan to continue to contribute to the growth of such an exciting sport and division!"  Guila and his team set up an impressive padded floor ring where all of the fights took place.  The action was hot as the packed house of spectators screamed to the top of their lungs for their favorite fighter...erupting often into an ocean of hands waving and chanting!  

In the audience was IKF CEO Mr. Steve Fossum who came to support the event and speak to the fighters " This is where it starts and you need to understand that its not about winning or losing its about showing up and walking the walk" he stated strongly.  Mr. Fossum who is responsible for building the International Kickboxing Federation (IKF) that encompasses world wide Kickboxing, mixed martial arts (ISCF) and semi contact kickboxing events.  "He has poured many years of hard work to grow the IKF and the benefits have been proven over the years as many IKF champions would later win and, or participate in prominent events like  K1, the IFL and UFC" said promoter Guila about Fossum.  

"This was certainly another exciting event and everyone seemed to have a good time" stated IKF West Coast PKB Representative Ms. Rubie Navarro who also had a group of impressive fighters on hand that gave notable showings in all of their bouts.  IKF/PKB President Johnny Davis expressed to everyone the importance of following the rules as well as emphasizing the importance of knockouts not being allowed in this type of semi- contact competition.  "Fighters and fans sometimes become anxious to see more contact and its up to the officials to make sure that contact is controlled no matter what.  This must be a priority for the IKF/PKB Division as well as trainers to properly coach their fighters for this type of competition said Davis. He continued, this is a great competition and we look forward to starting our IKF Point Kickboxing Circuit in January 2008.  We are currently looking at about one IKF Point Kickboxing event a month  in 2008 somewhere in Northern, CA as it stands today.  This point system will give fighters the opportunity to compete and win a certain amount points based on their performance and in the end of the year, the participants with the most points will receive awards and championship titles. Moreover, we have executed our new website www.IKFPKB.com to keep everyone up to date on IKF/PKB News, Circuit standings and more.   I'm extremely excited about what IKF Point Kickboxing tournaments can do for the entire sport of kickboxing...the future is bright but only with the support of all of the fighters, trainers and fans that come out and make these events successful!"

 Mrs. Guila who is the other/better half  :) of the Guila Team said it eloquently, " What the IKF has developed with the Point Kickboxing is becoming a trend.  I mostly only heard positive comments about the event and the future of the IKF/PKB. Many of the old school martial artist are starting to recognize this event and want to get involved...its such a good thing!" 

We at the IKF/PKB would like to thank Mr. Dennis Guila and his team as well as all of the trainers who stepped up to assist with the judging and referring .  More on the IKF/PKB 2008 Circuit coming soon as well as the results from this past weekend's excellent event.

2008 Registration Now Open For 

IKF World Classic Point Kickboxing Tournament!

Register Now!

Early registration is requested!  Special IKF Classic Round Length- 2 Rds. X 2 Mins. + 1 Rd. Tie Breaker if needed.

September 22, 2007 - 2008 IKF World Classic Point Kickboxing registration is now open.  The event will be held on July 18,19, 20th, 2008 in Orlando, Florida at the outstanding World Marriott Center...the largest Marriott in the World!  This year we will have open registration and you will be able to see how many people are in your division.  We wanted you to know up front who is in your division so that you know that you will more than likely have competition if you attend to the event...barring last minute injury etc.  Moreover, you will be able to move to another division if for some reason your first choice is not available.  Therefore, we want you to sign up as early as possible if you are even thinking about attending the mega event for Kickboxing!  Don't wait to see who's there because someone else may be waiting too.  The only way to assure that someone is in your division is for you to sign up first! Click the PKB Logo at left to Register.  

IKF Point Kickboxing was presented this past year as several champions emerged and were really tested as the competition heated up!  Many who witnessed IKF /PKB for the first time found out that this semi contact competition is real minus the knockouts as they are not allowed. But IKF /PKB is a big challenge for those who try it...be it- beginner or advanced fighters.  The comments and popularity of the 2007 tournament assures us that many more will come from around the world as they did from country's like Canada, Egypt and across the United States. We hope to see you there this year...in shape and ready to do battle!

Some of 2007 champions have said that will be returning to recapture the 2008 championship and it may be only up to you to change this course!  Bring It On and sign up early!  It's going to be a great 10th Anniversary Celebration for the World Classic!

For more information  contact IKF/PKB World Director Johnny Davis by email or by calling (916)205-4762

2007 IKF World Classic Point Kickboxing Results 

Inaugural Event Had Positive Reaction!

August 11, 2007- Orlando, Fl- This past weekend marked the inaugural of the IKF World Classic for its Point Kickboxing division and it was no disappointment!  As the first event came to an end this weekend in Orlando, Fl there were many who had a lot of positive things to say about this newer concept of semi- contact fighting here in the United States.  Most who witnessed it testified to the importance of its existence for the future growth of kickboxing in several styles.  Moreover, they too saw the incubator process that this type of event will be for the future of kickboxing.  

What happened this past weekend was a showcase of what IKF Point Kickboxing is all about.  Many have been seeing some forms of semi-contact continuous fighting cropping up in different arenas lately.  However, the IKF wanted them to see what the original idea of this realistic fighting program should be like. In the words of  IKF/PKB World Director Johnny Davis "several groups are now attempting to duplicate the program, however, I caution them because kickboxing can be dangerous as any contact sport can be and without proper controls, someone could get hurt.  Our goal this weekend was to show the world the intentions of this concept in showcasing a few fights with good control but good action as well and allowing it to become a model for future events and I believe we were successful in doing just that."   One thing for sure in the words of IKF President Steve Fossum, " I see the IKF Point Kickboxing divisions as a big part of the IKF World Classic." These comments by the president of this great event in its ninth year, was music to the soul.  Semi- contact fighters from around the world will now have yet another outlet to showcase and hone their skills for pursuit of their future endeavors in the great sport of kickboxing!( Pictured at Right - Chris Jameson of High Point, NC Lands Side Kick on eventual winner Paul Dillon of Florida)

The event was a learning experience too for all involved.  We at the IKF saw some of the issues right up front.  One issue that we will resolve is to post entries as they come in for next year.  That way, fighters from around the world will know who is in their division as well as use their option to move into another division if not enough participation.  This year, we were lucky and were able to match fighters close enough in their weight division that travel from as far as Egypt and Canada as well as parts of the U.S.  Fortunately for us, there was no domination bouts. Although this time around, we did need to mix a few rule styles to make the matches and we were grateful to the fighters for understanding.

Fighters, Coaches and fans gathered around the floored- ring to witness the action first-hand.  Here are the results of some great semi-contact action that kicked off an even greater event in the IKF World Classic loaded with full contact action!

Sixteen year old Hayley Tennier traveled from Ontario, Canada to show that her prowess on the semi contact circuit in Europe was not fluke.  She did prove that she certainly has skills and understands the sport well as she flashed her excellent jabs and crosses combined with extended lengthy legs to defeat the tough and gritty 16 year old Fatima Cornidez of Silver City, New Mexico who showed up that same day ready to do battle.  Fatima, gave Hayley everything she could handle and then some...after the three- two minute rounds, both fighters were breathing heavy and glad the bout was over as Hayley pulled off a Unanimous Decision making her coach Mitch Bendiera of Progressive Martial Arts of Ontario, Canada very happy!  Hayley Tennier became the first ever IKF World Classic Point Kickboxing Champion as a Lightweight and in the female division with this well deserving victory!  In her own words " I had a great time and will be back next year!"

Next, the Men light Heavyweights took the floor ring to show their stuff! Garrick Velat of High Point, N.C.  stepped up to take on Salhah Azzazi who came all the way from Elshankia, Egypt to participate.  Azzazai did show some skill in effectively landing an axe kick to the head of Velat on numerous occasions.  However, it was the aggressiveness of Velate and a constant barrage of punches and kicks that out pointed Azzazi for a Split Decision win. Valat would become only the second person to win an IKF World Classic Point Kickboxing title for Light Heavyweight.  Both men were clearly  exhausted after throwing so many punches and kicks as was encouraged by their trainers and the center ref. over the three- two minute round period.

After receiving a bye in his original division, Chris Jamison of High Point, NC felt that he wanted more action and stepped in to fight Paul Dillon of Holly Hill, Florida.  This was perhaps the best fight IKF Point Kickboxing fight of the day as both men landed good punches and showed some skill with their kicks!  It was clear that both wanted the title and the crowd really got into their fight as the intensity increased by each round although it was clear that each man was being challenged from a conditioning viewpoint. But the new IKF World Classic Title would go to Paul Dillon for the Middle Weight division, Chris Jamison won first in his original division of Light Heavyweight where he received the bye...while Paul Dillon defeated Richard Williams of Camp Puerde, AZ by injury default.  Both Dillon and Jamison look forward to returning next year to defend their titles with even more diverse competition.

As a special feature in this year's IKF World Classic, the point kickboxing did exactly as it intended...to show others what it was all about.  Based on the comments after seeing about 20 rounds of of IKF Point Kickboxing action, we can be confident that IKF Point Kickboxing will become a fixture in the World Classic!  There were several competitors that pre-registered by did not attend, that is just the way it is sometimes but even with that issue, the event accomplished its goal.  

Special thanks to IKF dynamo official Terri Storm who kept the ring moving and suggested that she liked the Point Kickboxing concept so much that she "might consider competing next year!"  That would be a welcomed event to witness her in action...and perhaps is an early challenge to other women who may be considering the IKF semi contact arena of Point Kickboxing.  More thanks goes to judges Tony Storm, Michael Lee and Rick Rosenbaum.

More information on IKF Point Kickboxing E-Mail Johnny Davis

The Official Rules for IKF POINT KICKBOXING©

  1. Semi-contact only. NO KNOCKOUTS ALLOWED! There are no Knockouts and, or Technical Knockouts.  If a fighter quits, this will give a win to his or her opponent by DEFAULT.
  2. HAND & FOOT STRIKES to the HEAD - Semi- Contact Only -  The Official IKF Ring Referee or the IKF Ringside Representative, may  penalized by points or disqualify the striker.
  3. No *Knockouts allowed. Any Knockout will result in Disqualification of the striker. *There are some exceptions to a person stopping or faking a knockout. This circumstance shall be determined by the Official IKF Ring Referee or the IKF Ringside Representative. Together, they will determine the reason for the stoppage and designate the winner.
  4. No kicks or punches in the back spine area, groin or knee joints.
  5. Faking and, or over exaggerating a blow will be closely monitored.

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