Johnny Davis

Mr. Johnny Davis

IKF/PKB Founder & World President

President of Johnny Davis Enterprises dba AK Promotions

Carolina’s USA

Some Past Promotions in CA

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Tel: 843-773-1005

If you are interested in becoming a Partner Promoter with JD Enterprise dba AK Promotions and, or have your club endorsed by the IKF PKB, feel free to contact us today! Not only is our PKB program a great fundraiser for your club, it will help develop your team for bigger events in a safe and family friendly atmosphere!

Additionally, you are included in all the valuable marketing and network from those who visit our website, on our email list and facebook pages and so much more! Finally, by being one of our partner promoters, you also get full access to our consulting services that will help you build your club as well as promote events including amateurs and professional Kickboxing shows!

Join Johnny Davis’ Enterprises aka AK Promotions today and start reaping the benefits you need and deserve in the Muay Thai / Kickboxing business! (843)773-1005