Jeremy Gordon, Jackson, Mississippi

IKF PKB Promoter- Jackson, Mississippi

Sifu- Jeremy Gordon


(262) 994- 3174

Boxers Rebellion / Triad Jeet Kune Do

856 S. State Street, Ste. E

Jackson, Mississippi




By IKF PKB President Johnny Davis
Sometimes you just know when you are going to hit it off with someone …and that feeling was clear after several conversations with Mr. Gordon!
One of Jackson Mississippi’s Finest as an officer in their Police Department, Mr. Gordon teaches Tactical Training classes and is passionate about martial arts!
It never hurts that he is a huge Bruce Lee Fan and teaches among other styles Jeet Kune Do but is also a Joe Lewis Black Belt! The two aforementioned items alone make us kindred spirits as I was a fan of Bruce Lee and have Joe Lewis lineage through my first instructor Mr. Carl R. Nelepovitz!
Mr. Gordon who is the owner of the Boxer’s Rebellion and Triad Jeet Kune Do Club is already hosting some Kickboxing programs and events and will soon be coming under the sanctioning and endorsement of the IKF PKB!
Gordon, who already promotes safety in his events will be a perfect fit to help grow the sport of semi contact Muay Thai and Kickboxing under the banner of the IKF PKB across the State of Mississippi!
Please Join us in welcoming Mr. Jeremy Gordon to the IKF PKB Organization! Forward March!
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