Jeff Grady, Charleston Muay Thai – Presents IKF PKB Sparring Tournament

IKF PKB Promoter 

Mr. Jeff Grady – Charleston Muay Thai



Charleston Muay Thai

1856 Belgrade Ave
Charleston, South Carolina 29407


Join us in welcoming Top Trainer and owner of Charleston Muay Thai Mr. Jeff Grady to our IKF PKB Sparring Circuit! SAVE THE DATE – Saturday, November 2nd, 2019 – Charleston, SC

It’s been a long time coming but we are happy to have Mr. Jeff Grady and his new club…Charleston Muay Thai located in Charleston, SC as part of our IKF PKB Sparring Circuit!’

Everyone in these parts knows Jeff and know that when he has fighters on your card they are coming for real and you best be ready! Muay Thai / Kickboxing is his passion and he gives 100% in striving for success!

He also has a fresh crop of new fighters he feels will benefit greatly from the realistic but semi contact format IKF PKB Sparring Circuit! Now, as a promoter in Charleston, SC, fighters from across the region can visit his gym and test their skills in a safe competition and also win great awards!

As a former fighter and now trainer, Jeff understands the importance of safe sparring to build his fighters! He has been successful already in building several regional full contact champions and now with the IKF PKB, he will begin to see even more fruits of his labor of passion!

His first IKF PKB Sparring tournament will be on November 2nd in Charleston, SC…SAVE the DATE…

Again…Join us in we welcoming Mr. Jeff Grady to the IKF PKB Sparring Circuit! Forward March!