Derek Brunson, Wilmington, NC

Derek Brunson

IKF/PKB Promoter




Brunson’s MMA and Fitness Center

3500 Oleander Dr, Wilmington, NC 28403

May 10th, 2021 – Mr. Derek Brunson of Wilmington, NC, Top UFC Contender and Owner of Brunson’s MMA and Fitness – Joins the IKF PKB Point Muay Thai / Kickboxing Sparring Tournaments! It’s been a long time coming that Mr. Brunson would come on board with the PKB sparring tournaments as we have reported he and his team at many of our events across the Carolinas!

Frankly though, over the years Brunson and I have gotten to know each other better and he is just a standup, honorable man who keeps his word. We established a gentlemen’s agreement to work around dates and not compete with our events and both of us have had major success! More promotions should work together and help each other in this way as most fighters participate in multiple fight sports these days…

Moreover, the Johnny Davis Live!!! broadcast has become a fun edition to the sold-out Ultimate Battleground MMA Events in Myrtle Beach SC that’s promoted by Brunson’s team! They give our Co- host Mr. Derrick Rhems…rave reviews! But for now, we are proud to have Team Brunson aboard to help us continue to promote fight sports. In Brunson’s own words ” the PKB Sparring tournaments have become so important to my fighters that I demand all of them to compete in them first before entering the cage!” Proof that the IKF PKB is the perfect incubator for fighters in any striking sport!

His club teaches many disciplines such as: jiu jitsu , bjj , Brazilian jiu jitsu , karate , mma, mixed martial arts , kickboxing, muay thai , cardio , cardio kickboxing and self defense. Please join us in welcoming Mr. Derek Brunson and Team Brunson MMA to the IKF PKB Point Muay Thai/ Kickboxing Sparring Circuit! First event is currently set for Saturday, September 4th, 2021 in Wilmington, NC – Brunson’s MMA -(910) 782-8212 – More information to come at