Walter and June Michalowski, Monrovia, CA

Walter and June Michalowski

IKF/PKB/PMT Promoters




Sityodong Muay Thai Los Angeles

260 Taylor Street

Monrovia, CA 91016

Please Join us in welcoming Mr. Walter and June Michalowski of Sityodtong Gym out of Monrovia, CA to the IKF/PKB/PMT – Point Muay Thai / Kickboxing Sparring Circuit!

Without a doubt, The Sityodtong Muay Thai gym is one of the most prominent Muay Thai Training facilities in the country! Head coach Mr. Walter Michalowski is sought out by many fighters to learn more about his authentic techniques of teaching the Art of Muay Thai after spending years in Thailand!

Moreover, Michalowski who has won numerous championships and has trained some of the best fighters in the country in his long-standing gym… is not only passionate about the sport of Muay Thai but its continued growth in the United States!

Without regret, Walter’s wife June admits they have tried many types of events over the years but as of late have participated in some IKF Point Muay Thai Sparring Tournaments and like what they saw! They also like the idea of building fighters in this way and developing them properly before putting them in the ring where the stakes are a lot higher!

IKF PKB/PMT Representative Mr. Ryan Hodges had only great things to say about Team Sityodtong and that they would be a great addition to our sparring circuit for years to come!

More information on Sityodtong Muay Thai Gym go to – (626)577-7800 – Location: 260 Taylor Street, Monrovia, CA 910816