2nd Annual IKF Georgia Winter Muay Thai / Kickboxing Classic! January 15th and 16th, 2022

January 15, 2022 @ 8:00 am – January 16, 2022 @ 7:00 pm

2nd Annual IKF Georgia Winter Muay Thai / Kickboxing Classic!

January 15th and 16th, 2022

Saturday and Sunday

Note: We will more than likely have weigh-ins on Friday July 14th – 

Limited Competitors!

Columbus Convention Center

More information coming soon!   Registration starts in late October!

Information in Progress as of 8/18/21

IKF Championship Full Contact / Knockout Muay Thai / Kickboxing Tournament that will have men, women and Juniors compete for Nice Championship Belts and Cups akin to the IKF East Coast Classic Format but this time in the Great State of Georgia! We will be Kicking off to a Great New Year again in 2022! Join Us!

This event is open to all Amateur Fighters across the United States! The event is sanctioned by the International Kickboxing Federation ( IKF), one of the largest organizations in the world! The event is insured and has additional insurance options. We look forward to having your club apart of the this special event for our sport!

Registration and more information coming soon!

See Weight Classes


You must make the weight class that you register for…thanks


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  1. You read all information for the event and you are ready to pay the registration Fee.
  2. You have your photo ready to upload in the form process
  3. Note:  Your Registration will not be listed if there is not proof of payment
  4. Note: If you fill out forms without uploading your picture, there will be a Photo fee attached to your name to be paid before you compete in the event.
  5. Note: You can get your exam by our doctors at the event.  The fee is $55.
  6. Trainers – Be sure to list your trainer’s name…not so much your gym within the form. Everyone needs a trainer for this event. Trainers do not register more than one fighter in each division.
  7. Thanks for following these simple guidelines…we appreciate your support!  
  8. PS If you feel that you have followed this process and still do not see your name below…please contact us asap. Thanks (843)773-1005
  9. Register for the eventReturn to Front page of this site –  Register for an event!

Choose One of these Four Rule Styles Below inside the registration process: 

  • International Low Kick Kickboxing –  Click Here
  • Unified / Kickboxing  (Limited Clinch), Click Here
  • Modified Muay Thai (No Elbows)- Click Here
  • Full Rule Muay Thai ( With Elbows) (18 yrs. old and above as of 8/11/20)- Click Here

Gear Needed for TournamentClick Here

We provide the Gloves but you are responsible for the rest of your gear!  There will be gear on sale at the event. For more information on the type of gear on sale at event – Contact Jerome Robinson at (803)236-0803

IKF Point Muay Thai / Sparring Tournament – Confirmed…Registration Now Open! Register from front of this site! We are also planning an IKF Point Muay Thai / Kickboxing Tournament with this event…so, all of your members will have a chance to compete and also win nice awards in semi contact!


More information contact Lori Hubbard at (205)281-2005 or

Johnny Davis (843)773-1005 

Notices of Implementation of Classes When Needed…For safety, we maintain the rights to implement the Class System in divisions that have too much of a gap in experience. Please note this.

A, B,C Classes:  We are in the process of implementing A, B, C Classes to try and create a safer competition for everyone. This is not done in all divisions at this time…only where we feel it is needed and, or requested. More to come in this development as we want to make sure we keep our event safe, quaint and with limited fighters. Note: If you have the proven experience and skills, you may be able to fight in a higher class but must be approved. Also, if it does not state a class on the division and says OPEN…it is for a belt- Novice is for a Cup…hope this is clear to everyone as we are in transition.

As of now, this is the way we are doing the Classes

A- Class – 21 Fights and Up – Belt

B- Class – 11-19 Fights – Belt

C- Class- 4- 10 Fights – Cup

The reason that we are doing this is because when you have a fighter just breaking out of the Novice 0-3 fights range and go into the open to fight a fighter with a huge record…we feel that this does not give this newly Open Fighter a fair chance.  However, bigger than that…it poses safety risks that we feel we do not have to take at this time in these young fighter’s careers.  This is not a reflection on how any other groups are doing their events…its this promoter’s opinion.  Thanks for your understanding…Forward March!

*Important Processes Below for all registered fighters from the Georgia Classic*

See Below:

             Georgia Classic Registered Fighters and Trainers: Important Info.

  • However, You WILL NEED TO RE-CONFIRM and check with us to see if you have a credit… if you plan to attend and, or use your rollover credit for the the Georgia Classic.
  • Refunds will not be given.  If you cannot attend the Georgia Classic.
  • Trainers / Parents of Juniors Only: Please Contact your fighters and confirm that they will be competing in the Georgia Classic.
  • Trainers / Parents of Juniors Only -After you have confirmed with your fighter that they plan to compete in the Georgia Classic – Please Contact Us ASAP so that we can Mark Your Fighter as Confirmed to Attend.
  • Trainers:  Click Here for Email – (843)773-1005
  • Fighters without a Trainers only – You can contact us to confirm that you will be attending.
  • Registered Trainers and Fighters: If you have a credit from a previous event, you need to let us know of your plan attendance as well.
  • Georgia Classic Registration: Will start on Monday, October 25th,2021
  • PKB Sparring Tournament– More information coming…