2019 SEE Registered Fighters – (Full Contact) 7th IKF FALL East Coast Muay Thai / Kickboxing Classic, Myrtle Beach, SC

October 4, 2019 @ 6:15 am – October 5, 2019 @ 11:00 pm
Crown Reef Conference Center in Myrtle Beach, SC
2913 S Ocean Blvd
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
Johnny Davis

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Thanks to everyone who registered for this event and we are looking forward to having you apart of what will be one of the most exciting tournaments to date!

Today, 10/1, we will be finalizing divisions, Bye’s etc as well as seeing if there are potential matches for some of the fighters that did not get a bout as well as checking anyone we may have missed.  By the end of the day, we hope to have everything set and ready to go.  Those that did not get a fight will have a few options.

  • Attend the event and use their registration as a pass –
  • Roll their registration to the March 20, 2020 Spring Classic
  • or use their registration for the IKF PKB Sparring Tournament that will be on Saturday, October 5th.

Thanks again everyone and please train and travel safely!  Forward March!

PS You will be able to register for the PKB Sparring Tournament up until Saturday at 1:PM. Thanks

7th Annual IKF East Coast Muay Thai / Kickboxing Classic! October 4th (Friday) and 5th (Saturday) –  Myrtle Beach, SC

Register from front page of this site Thanks 

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Do not Delay! Now at $85 + $5

  • Tuesday, September 3rd – Monday, September 17th, $85
  • Absolute Final Deadline – Tuesday, September 18th to Tuesday, October 1st = $95
  • $5 Service Fee will be added to all transactions


Note: Unlike in the past, there will be no extensions on registration dates or costs, fees will go up as noted below.  We keep our rates low to assist you in being apart of this event.  Thanks for not waiting till the last minute and risk not making the 4 fighter cut off!  As always, this will be a great event for our sport…especially if you are a part of it! 🙂

  • Additionally, We Reserve the Rights to Shorten and, or Lengthen deadlines based on flow of registration.  Example: If we reach our capacity for the tournament earlier- Registration will close and, or be very limited.



Join us for our 7th Annual IKF East Coast Muay Thai / Kickboxing Classic!
It will be held again this year in Myrtle Beach, SC at the Crown Reef Conference Center!

This will be an exciting event and we are hoping that you will invite all of your family and friends to see you come and compete!  Afterall, it’s the BEACH!   Come out and have a great time!  Also, remind them to book their rooms at the Crown Reef Hotel…all of this helps us continue to do this event!  Moreover, you will now what Day and Time Slot you will fight on before the event so let your friends know too!

Make your room reservations today before rooms are gone!  See Hotel Information Link on our events calendar.

This exciting event will be held on Friday Night, October 4th and SaturDAY and Saturday NIGHT October 5th for two big days of fighting!

HOTEL INFO…Mandatory Host Hotel –  Crown Reef  of Myrtle Beach, SC- Click Here


  • NO REFUNDS NOTICE: There are no refunds for this event. However, we will offer one transfer credit opportunity and, or option for the next event. The Transfer credit can be used towards any AKP directly promoted event in the future (including PKB’s) but will expire by the next Spring or Fall Classic—whichever comes first.  Thanks for your understanding. Contact us if you have question before registering for this event.


Register first in your division and get Top Seed!  This is important if you have 3 fighters in your division.  # 2 and #3 Fighters will fight each other first and winner will fight you for the title!  Get in there first! 🙂


See All Rules Styles –  Click Here – Item #26

Only 4 fighters per division! 4 rule styles- International – Low Kick –  Unified Rules– Limited Clinch –  Modified Muay Thai – and Full Rule Muay Thai – With Elbows –

Choose to open any division and rule style or weight class listed above by end of first deadline August 26th! There will be limited Divisions after August 26th!


After determining what weight class you want to fight in- put the weight class on the registration form.  Please Be sure to make the weight class you choose! No allowances!


All fighters are required to have a full exam performed.  You must have proof of a full exam within the past 365 days and, or you will need to have one completed for this event.   We will have doctors to perform the full exam at the event.  The cost for the exam will be $50 and will last one year and will cover you for the Spring Classic 2020. If you want to go to your doctor and get the exam in advance and send in.  Here is the link for the exam paperwork.  Click Here –

Bring Completed form to the weigh ins.

NOTICE: Any fraudulent information will have you removed and banned from the tournament indefinitely.  Thanks in advance.


Each Fighter and Trainer are required to send in a picture with registration forms.  Its a simple process…just take a head shot, save to a file and upload to the registration form.  You should upload a picture to your device before you start the registration form.  If you do not send in your picture and a picture with your registration Forms…you will be charged a $20 Production Fee because we have to go back and pull the pictures from seperate files and this takes extra time… this fee will be due before you are able to compete.  If we do not have your picture by the September 20th deadline for those who registered before, you will need to purchase the picture at the event for Uup to $40 plus any card fees which is also apart of your pass to get into the event.  You’re advised to get your picture in when you register and SAVE$  Thanks ( Missing Photo fees / fines $25, $35, $40 based on deadlines)

Picture Notice:  Please send your picture in when you register…as it is important for the registration process.  Waiting until the last minute only slows everyone down. This is why we are charging much more if you wait…the process is too simple to do.  Thanks in advance for understanding.


All Fighters in the Tournament are to wear the Muay Thai Type Shorts as shown below…Not MMA Type Shorts or Border Shorts.  Reason: First, since all of the division require shorts, we want to align more with our sport and not that of another.  We are pretty sure that everyone knows the type of shorts we speak of on both fronts. Second reason SAFETY, the Muay Thai Type shorts allows for fighters to see the knees of their opponent …which is not an intended striking point and therefore the shorts promotes better safety of the fighters.  Thanks for getting your shorts asap.  You can get them from one of our sponsors Blackout Gear at www.blackoutgear.com and, or Mr. Jerome Robinson at (803) 236- 0803 – who will be selling them at the event.  His Supply Store is located in Sumter, South Carolina – Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

You can order them from Blackoutfights.com 

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If you are an approved rollover fighter from the March 2019 Spring Classic event, you will need to submit registration paperwork no later than August 27th.  No rollover registrations will be accepted after August 27th….thanks for not asking.


Those fighting in the Open Division – Fighters with more than 3 Fights in any full contact striking sport will fight for a Championship Belt- similar to the one shown here: The belt is weighted with raised engraving…pretty nice!

Those Fighting in the Novice Division – 3 fights or under –  will fight for Championship cup as shown below:

All Contenders will receive a medal like this: 


  • All Fights in One Lighted Ring!
  • DJ Music!
  • Food and Drink!

A Different Kind of Fight Experience!

This event reaches max capacity at about 170 Competitors…So, do not delay!

Hope you will Join US!

Price Starts at $55 includes $5 Card Fee!

Call if you have questions!  (843)773-1005

Register from the front page of this site!

NOTICE: If you have any issues registering, please do not hesitate to give us a call (843)773-1005 or email Johnnyd@akpromotions.org  Thanks

Make Your Room Reservations Soon  – Crown Reef Hotel- Your Mandatory Stay Host Hotel! See link on events calendar for more information. Reserve Soon… They will Sell Out! Reservation Code: IKF East Coast Classic – (843)626- 8077)