SEE REGISTERED FIGHTERS – 5th Annual IKF Spring Eastern Muay Thai / Kickboxing Classic – Myrtle Beach, SC – Confirmed!

March 18, 2022 @ 6:45 am – March 20, 2022 @ 9:45 pm
Landmark Resort
1501 S Ocean Dr
Hollywood, FL 33019
Johnny Davis - AK Promotions

Registration Starts Weds. Jan. 5th, 2022

The 5th Annual IKF Spring Eastern

Muay Thai / Kickboxing Classic

March 18th,19th and 20th, 2022 – Myrtle Beach, SC – Landmark Resort!




Please Be Prepared to stay until from Friday, March 18th –  8:30AM until Sunday, March 20st from 6:PM – We will let you know weeks before the event on what estimated date and times you will compete…thanks for your patience. Please

Note: There are NO REFUNDS for this event- WE may offer a Credit depending on circumstance…please know this before registering. Thanks in Advance.

Mandatory Host Hotel if you stay outside of 45 miles from the Beach: 

Landmark Resort – Myrtle Beach, SC

Landmark Resort – 1501 S. Ocean Blvd. Myrtle Beach, SC 29577 –


Say: IKF East Coast Classic Kickboxing Tournament for best rates!

Men, Women and Juniors in Full Contact Action! Nice Belts and Awards!

Register from the front page of this site!


Attention Fighters with Credits… Must Do by January 31st, 2022

If you are a fighter that paid for a past event within the past year, you may use your credit to enter the 2022 IKF Spring Classic!  Please know, YOU Must Contact Us if you wish to register. You will not be contacted by us. Contact us and open up a division that fits your desired rule style, Age and, or weight class.   However, you can still use your Rollover credit until January 31st, 2022.  Thanks in advance. Contact Us

How To Use Your Credit: First Now that you have been approved for a credit

  1. Fill out the registration Form online- YEs, YOU MUST DO THIS AGAIN – From Front Page of this site – we cannot assume that all information is the same and why we need a new registration form.
  2. Back out when you get to the payment part –  we should get your forms
  3. Contact us via email, text or messenger that you have filled out the form and wish to use your credit- Important!
  4. Await confirmation of either your credit has been rolled over and, or you can wait to see your name listed in the brackets – IF you do not see you name withing 48 hours of contacting us – contact us again – especially if brackets are visable to the public. Thanks – Contact – (843)773-1005



AGE (7&up), Weight, Rule Style by January 31st, 2022

You can Open any Division before January 31st!  No matter your weight, approved age or rule style – You will be the Number One Seed in the division you open.  Being the number one seed in a division that has 3 fighters for example would automatically give you the bye (essentially a first round win). Being the first to register and open a division of course will also save you money as registration goes up as the event nears.  Get Registered Today!

See Weight Classes


You must make the weight class that you register for…thanks


Maximum 4 fighters in each Division!

No Two Fighters from same Club in the same Division!

Matching Notice:

We reserve the rights to match bouts within catch- weights, age limits  and safety guidelines etc. for this tournament with the consent of both team’s trainers etc.

Note: When the final matching process starts…trainers / fighters will have the option to move up in a class if desired and they feel secure in doing so from a safety / undocumented – experience perspective. AKP maintains final say on all matches.

No Shows

Please know that we do our best to stay on top of everyone who may drop out of the event… if we are informed. However, if you drop and do not inform us, you will be put on our IKF / AKP Suspension list. Thanks in advance for helping us keep everyone informed with accurate information. Email


You will need your Hotel Confirmation Number from the Mandatory Host Hotel- Landmark Resort – 1501 South Ocean Blvd. at Registration (Max 4 per Same Team) if you live 45 miles outside of Myrtle Beach, SC – There will be  a $60 Non Stay Fee to be paid at registration if you do not have a confirmation from this Hotel.  Landmark- (843)310-3425

Click Here


All fighters will need to show proof of a full exam at weigh in completed within the last year- or get one from our doctors at the event on Friday morning October 9th. The fee is $60- Thanks PS the exam will be good for one calendar year with our AK Promotions Events.

For the Medical Form to take to your physician 

Click Here

SPECIAL EXAM Needed for those over the age of 40 – Click Here for Add. information

Forms will be done electronically at the event- you will need you cell phone or tablet.

LWR is Late Weighin Request

This means that you have contacted us by email etc. to let us know that you will be arriving later as oppose to the 8:AM- 2:PM check in time due to work, school etc.  We hope that this will assist more of you in attending and participating in this event. However, we asked that you do not take advantage of this act of kindness and cooperation….be there on time if you can please…so you can weigh in and EAT/DRINK!  Thanks everyone…Forward March! 🙂 – Email

Choose One of these Four Rule Styles Below inside the registration process: 

  • International Low Kick Kickboxing –  Click Here
  • Unified / Kickboxing  (Limited Clinch), Click Here
  • Modified Muay Thai (No Elbows)- Click Here
  • Full Rule Muay Thai ( With Elbows) (18 yrs. old and above as of 8/11/20)- Click Here



Please see the attached link for equipment you will need for this event. NOTE: Some will be on sale at the event!  Event Promoter will provide the Boxing Gloves! Thanks

Bye Notice

Reminder:  The fighter that registered first will have the number one spot, second to register…the second position etc. However, if this is the case in a division you are in, you are responsible for bringing this to our attention if the information on the site is not accurate. Thanks

Win Nice Awards! Everybody leaves with something!


VIRUS Medical Protocol for Everyone!

Protocols May be revised by time of event…

Note: We have been hosting events in the Covid 19 era since July 2020 with a total of 1500 fights to date and have had no claims of spread of the virus. However, we respect the Virus and know that it is real!  We would like to continue to host our events and therefore, will continue to push our successful protocols.  Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Please note that this is a private event…open to the public and therefore allows us to put these protocols in place in place and enforce them.

We will be following CDC Recommendations and, or even higher standards for this event! Please know this before attending.  If you and, or your family and friends do not wish to follow these Protocols…we politely ask that you do not attend.

Additionally, if you will be around someone with underlying medical conditions and, or have conditions that may be more vulnerable to the Covid 19 Virus, please do not attend. Until we know better, we want to take all precautions to try and keep everyone as safe as possible at our events.  Thanks in advance for your support!

  • Mandatory Temperature Taken: Fighters, Trainers and Spectators: You are agreeing that by attending this event, you will allow our medical staff to take your temperature before and each tiem you enter the building. No Temperature…No Entrance! No One with a Temp. of or over 100 degrees will not be able to enter.


  • Mandatory Masks– All spectators, Trainers and Officials need to plan to wear a mask while in the building. Masks will also be on sale a the event. Fighters are to wear a mask when they are not competing.  This will be closely Monitored by our inspectors.


    • Social Distancing– Limited Spectators based on percentage of Capacity dictated by the State’s CDC Guidelines at time of the event.  The venue will be set up in a Social Distancing setting for groups etc. Officials are already Distanced. Please assist us with trying to keep CDC Social Distancing Practice in place as much as possible. The aforementioned will be monitored closely by our Inspectors! All Chairs will be spaced with our special coordinated Social Distancing Techniques.


      • Teams Should Stay with their teams and practice social distancing and sanitation protocols around all others.


      • Sanitation Stations: We will have additional Sanitation Stations throughout the venue with hand sanitizers and cleansers. Please try and use them


      • Thanks in advance for everyone’s cooperation and assistance! Forward March!

      More information on the guidelines contact Johnny Davis at (843)773-1005- Email

      Contact For Promoter: PhoneEmailFacebook