2019 IKF POINT Muay Thai / Kickboxing World Sparring Championships, Orlando, Florida

July 25, 2020 @ 11:00 am – 6:00 pm
Hyatt Regency Resort
9801 International Dr
Orlando, FL 32819
Johnny Davis

July 25th, 2020 –  IKF PKB World Cup Classic Returns to Orlando, Florida at the Hyatt Regency Hotel!

2018 Information Below…

Posted by Johnny Davis on Thursday, May 9, 2019

*Register from the front page of this site for the Semi Contact PKB Sparring Event! More information below and, or call (843)773-1005

IKF World Classic – (PKB)  Point Muay Thai / Kickboxing (Semi – Contact)

Sparring Championship

SATURDAY, AUGUST 3rd, 2019 – 3:PM

Advance Registration may close After This Tuesday…

July 30th, 2019- No Guarantee For Same Day Registration…Contact us if questions (843)773-1005- You are advised to get registered ASAP! Thanks


Please understand that ideally, we base the weight classes on 10lbs spreads based on what you weigh at checkin.  Therefore, there is no reason to try and lose a lot of weight to make a PKB weight class.  If for some reason you look out of the weight class at the time of matching on the day of the event, you will be weighed again (Esp. if you weighed in the day before) and put into that weight class.  Remember, this is a semi contact event and knockouts are not allowed!  Safety is paramount in our PKB events and we want everyone to get a fair shake. If you have questions about the weigh in process before the event, please do not hesitate to give us a call~! Thanks (843)773-1005

Semi Contact PKB Fighters and Trainers…

Register from the front page of this site on AK Promotions.org!

Full Contact Fighters, Trainers and Spectators information for the IKF World Classic ( Full Contact) for at www.IKFKickboxing.com.

This event is held in conjunction with the IKF World Classic but will be held in a separate ballroom! Some of the IKF PKB Sparring Tournament ( Semi- Contact) will take place while the World Classic ( Full Contact) is in progress…please plan accordingly.  Thanks

Hyatt Regency Hotel 9801 International Drive, Orlando, Florida

Saturday, August 3rd – Located in Ballroom tba

If you Pre – Registered, Please have your Pay Pal and, or Credit Card receipt at the door!

  • Mandatory Rules Meeting and Matching – Trainers and Fighters – 2:PM
  • Please Be on Time…if not there by matching…you will be eliminated without a refund. Contact Us ASAP if an Issue – Text or Call (843)773-1005
  • Doors Open at 3:PM Spectators
  • Sparring Starts – Shortly after 3:PM-
  • Advance Ticket Sales- Click Here – Tickets will also be on Sale at the Door!
  • Bring your best attitude! Respect for everyone!  Lets have a great time! 🙂 Thanks

Notice: Requires Separate Ticket for PKB Spectators- IKF World Classic Spectators will receive a 50% Discount on Door ticket price for PKB Tournament.

IKF World Classic Trainers and Fighters Get in Free!


There will be Minimum Registration at the door and may be cut off completely depending on Advance Registration numbers!  You are encouraged to register in advance!

  • Doors will open at 12:PM – 2:PM for Weigh ins –  Fighters and Trainers

  • 3:PM for Spectators. $25 Advance-

  • More at Door…Order from this site and Save! Click Here

  • Mandatory Fighter Rules Meeting 2:00 PM– Please be on time

  • Matching Will Follow Rules Meeting

  • If you are not there for rules meeting and matching you will not be able to fight.  Thanks for your understanding. Thanks too for your patience during the matching process, safety is paramount in this semi contact competition. There are no refunds for this event.
  •  Competition Sparring will not start until shortly after 3:PM- Until


Please try and arrive as early as possible as it is our goal to try and start as soon as possible as we expect the tournament to go well into the evening as in the past! Thanks

PS We are also expecting a good turnout…so please do not wait to the last minute to register as we may have to cut off registration early.  Thanks for your understanding.

If you paid online, please be prepared to show your digital or physical receipt. Thanks 🙂

Weigh Ins

You can check in EARLY from 1:PM to 4:PM on Friday– August 2nd at the Hotel or from 12:PM to 2:PM on Saturday, August 3rd at the Ballroom for the PKB Tournament.  Please arrive early.  Reminder, weight classes are listed below and are based on a ten pound spreads ideally.  However, some exceptions may be made for matching purposes but with high regard to safety first. Thanks

Equipment and Misc. Rules – Click Here

Note: There will be some gear to use if needed at the event.

Note: Adults and 150 and above Juniors wear 16.oz Gloves and other juniors wear 12oz gloves to be determined at matching.  Safety First!

Headgear –  Shinguards- Mouth Piece –  Handwraps are all mandatory! No Exceptions. Thanks

Semi Contact – No Knockouts Allowed!

See Weight Classes Bottom of Page Below! No Medical Exams Needed for this Semi Contact Event! More Information Click Here



Hyatt Regency
9801 International Drive
Orlando, Florida, USA

Official IKF PKB Equipment Provided By Blackout Sports – Buy Your Gear Today!

Only 4 Fighters Per Division! Registered Fighters Brackets Coming Soon…Early Registration is recommended! If you register at the door, you may only be able to register in a division that has fighters! If 4 fighters, two winners will fight for first and 2nd.

 Deadlines: Prices Include Card Transaction Fee

Monday, July 1st – Tuesday, July 30th –  $80

Pay at the event or after July 30th –  $99

Register from Event link on front page of this site

More on Rules Click Here

You Also Can Register at the Hyatt Regency on Friday, August 2nd, 2018 (1:PM-4:PM) and Saturday, (Day of event) August 3rd until 2:PM- Fee is $99

We are attempting to keep our prices low but hope that most will register as much in advance as possible as this will help us with our awards’ order. Thanks in advance 🙂

Special Notice: You can compete in the  IKF PKB “Semi Contact” Sparring tournament for only $45 if you competed in the 2019 IKF World Classic “Full Contact” Tournament and not injured. (TKO or Ko’d etc)  This would be if you lose out in the preliminary match. If you will be fighting on Sunday in the World Classic, you cannot compete in the PKB on Saturday.

For details and registration for the IKF World Classic full contact event go to www.IKFKickboxing.com or call (916)663-2467 – For more information the IKF Point Kickboxing Division that will be held as part of the IKF World Classic…Contact – Johnny Davis (843)773-1005 – Email



Fighters in the Novice Division ( 3 fights or less or under 4 years of training) will win a Cup Like shown above. Fighters with over 3 fights or over 4 years of experience will fight for a belt as shown below.  Register by deadlines and save!

       pkb poster pic round kick to head norcal hoges  The IKF World Kickboxing Classic is one of the oldest Kickboxing Tournaments in the United States and has hundreds of registered fighters from around the world!

IKF Point Muay Thai / Kickboxing Sparring Divisions are also a big part of this event and is held on Saturday, August 3rd at 3:PM where men, women and juniors compete in semi contact action for nice awards!  It’s a great opportunity to become an IKF Point Kickboxing World Classic Grand Champion in the semi contact divisions! Cups will be given in the Novice Division while Special IKF PKB Belts will be given to the more advance divisions!  Knockouts are still not allowed in any part of the IKF PKB Portion of the tournament, so you will need to get in great shape and get those techniques ‘dialed in!’

We are expecting a good turnout of men, women and juniors as we have had over the last 5 years!  Feel free to give us a call at (843)773-1005- you can register from the front page of this site!

Club entering the most fighters in the IKF PKB will receive a special award!


There are No Refunds for this event – Thanks

Registration starts at $60 – Fighter Registration

Only PKB Trainer Registration starts at $30

IF you have a fighter competing in the World Classic Full Contact divisions…your Trainer Registration is Complimentary!  

Spectator Fees for the IKF PKB is $20- If you were a spectator at the World Classic, you will receive $10 Discount on your PKB Entry Fee. Trainers and Fighters from the IKF World Classic will get in Free!

Register Now and Save! $5 CC Fee will be added

IKF PKB Official maintains the right to use larger gloves than listed based on appearance of competitors for greater safety measures. Any matches outside of these weight classes must be approved by Adult Fighter and, Trainer or Guardian.


1.  90- 100lbs
2. 100.1 -109lbs
3. 110 lbs. – 120 lbs. 16 oz.
4. 121.1 – 130 lbs. 16 oz.
5. 131. 1lbs. – 140lbs. 16 oz.
6. 141.1 lbs. – 150 lbs. 16 oz.
7. 151.1 lbs. – 160 lbs. 16 oz.
8. 160.1 lbs. – 170 lbs. 16 oz.
9. 170.1 lbs – 180 lbs. 16 oz.
10. 180.1 lbs. – 190 lbs. 16 oz.
11. 190.1 lbs. – 200 lbs. 16 oz.
12. 200.1lbs. – 210 lbs. 16 oz.
11 210.1lbs- 220 lbs. 16oz.
12. 220.1lbs – 250lbs – 16.oz
13. 250 lbs. – Above. 16 oz.

(Ages 8 – 17)
IKF PKB Official maintains the right to use larger gloves than listed based on appearance of competitors for greater safety measures. Any matches outside of these weight classes must be approved by the Trainer of fighter and, or Parent or Guardian.


1. 40 Lbs – 50 lbs.  – 12oz
2. 50.1 lbs. – 60 lbs. – 12 oz.
3. 60.1 lbs – 70 lbs.  -12 oz.
4. 70.1 lbs. – 80 lbs. -12 oz.
5. 80.1lbs. – 90 lbs. -12 oz.
6. 90.1 lbs. – 100lbs. – 12 oz.
7. 100.1lbs. – 120 lbs. -12oz. – 16oz.
8. 120.1 lbs. – 130 lbs. -12oz. – 16oz.
9. 130.1 lbs. – 140 lbs. -12oz. – 16oz.
10. 140.1lbs. – 150 lbs. – 16oz.
11. 150.1lbs. – 160 lbs. – 16 oz.
12. 160.1 lbs – 170 lbs. -16 oz.
13. 170.1 lbs. – 180 lbs.-16 oz.
14. 180.1 lbs. – 190 lbs. – 16 oz.
15. 190.1lbs. – 200 lbs. -16 oz.
16. 200.1 lbs. – 210 lbs. -16oz.
17. 210. 1lbs. – 220 lbs. -16 oz.
18. 220.1 lbs. – 250lbs -16 oz.
19. 250lbs – Above – 16 oz.

More information at www.IKFPKB.com, www.AKPromotions.org, www.IKFKickboxing.com – Email – johnnyd@akpromotions.org (843)773-1005