(PBSC) Point Boxing© Sparring Circuit by AK Promotions


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Welcome to the new home of the

Point Boxing© Sparring Circuit! (PBSC)

Semi Contact / Technical Boxing Tournaments


The PBSC (Point Boxing© Sparring Circuit) is a Copyrighted (2009) Boxing Sparring Program owned by Johnny Davis. The Program is based on semi contact strikes and focuses on the technical aspect of the Art of Boxing. Knockouts are not allowed and the entire bout is solely scored on Points scored with Punches and Not Power! The competition is also done on a matted floor and not in a traditional boxing ring. Full Gear is Required! The PBSC Point Boxing Sparring is under the Sanctioning Umbrella of the IKF/PKB/PMT Sanctioning organization.

Level of Contact Allowed: Semi Contact – No Knockouts Allowed! The Intent is not to Injure your Opponent in any way.


All Adult Competitors must wear full gear including, 16 oz. Adults –  12 oz. Juniors / Boxing Gloves, Appropriate headgear, mouth piece, Handwraps, Chest Protectors MAY also be worn but are not mandatory. Shoes will be required. Get your boxing shoes asap!

Glove Size:

Junior fighters under the weight class of 150 pounds can wear 12 oz. Gloves. However, Junior fighters over 150 lbs must wear 16 oz. Boxing Gloves.

Weight Spreads:

Weights are based on 10lbs spreads but may have some variation with approval of the trainers of competitors and the PBSC Representative.

Staging for PBSC:

PBSC Sparring is not done in a boxing ring or cage but on a matted floor.

Ages That Can Compete in the PBSC: Men – Women – Juniors – Seniors 45 or Over

Men, Women and Juniors 5 years and up can compete in the PBSC! No Exams needed. However, all competitors must sign a Waiver – Consent and Release Forms are Mandatory!

Judging: Trained Officials

All bouts are judged on Points scored in designated area by 3 trained officials and a center referee. The competitor scoring the most points in designated scoring areas will win their bout.

Awards: Top Quality Awards!

Awards will be giving to all competitors that include Medals, Trophies and Belts etc.

Enhance Techniques – Develop Confidence!

PBSC will enhance your fighter’s skills while building their confidence! Participants will be able to work on their skills without the fear of thinking their opponent is trying to harm them. A competitor’s confidence will increase through their ongoing participation in the PBSC!

Insured:  All fighters on a PBSC Point Boxing Sparring event are insured under our Accidental Medical Policy.

RESPECT: The utmost respect must be given to everyone involved with our events! From Officials, Trainers, Competitors and Fans…everyone deserves and will be respected at our events! Thanks in advance for your support! 

If you are interested in more information on how to compete and, or have your event sanctioned by the PBSC, contact us at (843)773-1005 – Johnny@akpromotions.org

If you are interested in participating or hosting divisions in a tournament or want to add PBSC Divisions in your existing Martial Arts Tournament, contact Johnny Davis at (843)773-1005 – Email – Johnnyd@akpromotions.org